A Virtual Tour of the Joseph Banks Native Plant Reserve

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The Reserve walking tracks (1) Welcome and start of walk (2) Sutherland Group Garden (2) Sutherland Group Garden (3) Celebration Terrace (4) Acacia Garden (4) Acacia Garden (5) Bush Foods (5) Bush Foods (6) Cycads (6) Cycads (7) Scented Garden (7) Scented Garden BBQs Waterfalls, ponds and Bunya Pine (8) Warm temperate rainforest (8) Warm temperate rainforest (9) Palms (9) Palms (10) Silver foliage plants (10) Silver foliage plants (11) Sydney sandstone bushland (11) Sydney sandstone bushland (12a) (12) Shade Garden 12b (13) Cool temperate rainforest (14) Lily Garden (15) Fern Garden (16) Angophora costata (Sydney Red Gum, smooth barked apple or Kajimbourra) View of orchids and waterfall (17) Sunny garden with Grevilleas (18) Information and toilets (19) Banksias
  1. Welcome and start of walk
  2. Sutherland Group Garden
  3. Celebration Terrace
  4. Acacia Garden
  5. Bush Foods
  6. Cycads
  7. Scented Garden
  8. Warm temperate rainforest
  9. Palms
  10. Silver foliage plants
  11. Sydney sandstone bushland
  12. Shade Garden
  13. Cool temperate rainforest
  14. Lily Garden
  15. Fern Garden
  16. Angophora costata (Sydney Red Gum)
  17. Sunny garden with Grevilleas
  18. Information and toilets
  19. Banksias