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Welcome to Joseph Banks Native Plants Reserve. The Reserve was established in 1969 as a tribute to botanist Joseph Banks who collected many plants specimens in the area in 1770 when he landed in Botany Bay with Captain James Cook. The Reserve is maintained by Sutherland Shire Council with assistance by volunteers from the Australian Plants Society, Sutherland Group.

There are over 4 km of sealed paths winding through the 2.2 hectare gardens which include planted areas and areas of natural bushland.

Many of the plants in Joseph Banks Reserve are labelled with their botanical name. The name helps ensure consistency in identification as common names can vary for the same plant across the country.

The botanical name has two parts: the genus name then the species name, and both are written in italics. If the plant is a cultivar or cultivated variety, the species name is shown in ‘single quote marks’ in plain font.

Plants may be named after people, botanists, collectors, places or distinctive features of the plant such as the size, shape or colour of flowers or leaves. Latin and Greek words are often used. For instance, alba is Latin for white.

Look for the plant names as you walk around.