APS Sutherland: Joseph Banks Native Plants Reserve Virtual Tour

11 - Natural Sydney Sandstone Bush area

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Regrowth of Xanthorrhoea sp (Grass Tree) after fire Regrowth of Angophora sapling after fire

This area of Joseph Banks Reserve has been left in its natural condition to show typical bush which grows naturally on Sydney sandstone.

Sydney sandstone bushland features sandstone outcrops, thin soils, sandy soils which are low in nutrients, and a thin layer of leaf litter.

Canopy plants include Angophora costata (Red Gum) and Corymbia gummifera (Blood Wood) trees, while understorey plants include grass trees and lomandras.

Plants have adapted to the harsh conditions through reduction in leaf shape and size to reduce moisture loss through the leaves. These hardy plants are adapted to fire, and often need fire for germination of seeds.

This area had a controlled burn in October 2009, and the bush is regenerating naturally through seeds in the soil and regrowth from roots, lignotubers and epicormic buds in bark. Look for the blackened trunks and the new growth as you walk through this area.

Regrowth at 14 November 2009 is shown in the two images right.