APS Sutherland: Joseph Banks Native Plants Reserve Virtual Tour

12 - Shade garden

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Prostanthera Sieberi (Mint Bush)

This garden on the eastern-facing slope of Joseph Banks Reserve is shady. Plants growing in this area which flower in shady conditions include Prostantheras and Westringias (both in the Lamiaceae family - the same family as rosemary and lavender).

Plants in these families have aromatic leaves with a minty fragrance due to the presence of glands containing volatile oils. Prostantheras are known as Mintbushes for their aromatic foliage, while Westringia fruticosa is known as Coastal Rosemary.

The flowers range from white, mauve and blue in colour and have an irregular shape usually with two lips. The shape and colour suggests they may be pollinated by moths.

Prune shrubs after flowering to maintain a compact shape and encourage further flowering.