APS Sutherland: Joseph Banks Native Plants Reserve Virtual Tour

13 - Cool temperate rainforest area

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Pittosporum undulatum Acmena Smithii (Lilly Pilly)

There are many different types of rainforest. Joseph Banks Reserve has cool temperate rainforest in this garden facing east.

Rainforest habitat has high moisture, a closed tree canopy and low levels of light on the forest floor. Plants in rainforest are adapted to the light levels. Many have large colourful fruits which attract animals and birds, both on the branch and when ripe and fallen onto the forest floor.

Features of rainforest plants include leaves which face the sun, large strappy leaves, and few flowers. The new leaves of rainforest trees are often red.

Look out for plants at home in the rainforest such as birds nest ferns, cordylines, ginger plants, and orchids and epiphytes which grow on rocks and trees.

Pictured (right) are Acmena smithii (Lilly Pilly) fruits - which are edible - and (far right) Pittosporum undulatum fruits (which are not edible).