APS Sutherland: Joseph Banks Native Plants Reserve Virtual Tour

17 - Sunny garden with Grevilleas

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Grevillea 'Bon Accord' Grevillea sericea

The sunny garden area of the Reserve, with few large trees to cast shade, has many floriferous plants including Grevillea, Hakea, and Banksia species from the Proteaceae family.

Grevilleas are popular garden plants due to their spectacular flowers which come in many colours and forms. The two main flower types – spider flowers and brush flowers – are shown here. Leaf form also varies widely.

Birds, as well as insects, are attracted to the nectar-producing flowers. The prickly foliage of some species also provides protection for smaller birds.

Grevillea 'Moonlight'

Grevilleas have a variety of forms from ground covers, to shrubs and forest trees. While they grow in a range of environments from the tropics to the alpine, they are most floriferous in the sun. They are readily adaptable to gardens and many hybrids have developed from garden plants.

Joseph Banks Reserve has many grevilleas including local species which grow on Sydney sandstone such as Grevillea sericea as well as grevilleas from Western Australia grafted onto rootstock suitable for Sydney conditions.

Grevillea ‘Bon Accord’ (above right); Grevillea sericea (top centre); and Grevillea ‘Moonlight’ (bottom centre).